What’s in a Job?

In-JobsWere you taught to work hard in school to get good grades so you could go to university and get a good job to support yourself and your family? About 97% of us have this drummed into us until our formal education is either done or abandoned.

graduate-jobsDid you know that around 60% of University graduates do not work in their field of study? Do you know how much debt these graduates carry? In USA alone the average student loan debt is $30,000 and there are 40,000 Americans in this predicament. Total debt comes to a massive $1.2 trillion! That’s for those who made it into University.

For those who choose trade or work their way up the ladder at Woolworths or MacDonalds or maybe some other career opportunity job, the economy gets the better of them and their jobs end up on the line. Job security is a thing of the past.

Even professionals who work through agencies and get paid hundreds of dollars a day are not immune to this insecurity. Those who find themselves in this position have been dubbed the “new unemployed”. No amount of extra training and job rehabilitation will create more positions for these victims of the economy.

bhp-cuts-jobs-iron-oreIf you are lucky enough to have work you are still open to other risks. If you choose not to go to work you don’t get paid. If you are sick there is only limited time for you to recover before you will not get paid. If you find yourself in a position where you can no longer perform your job because of an accident or illness you will not get paid. Even if you have income insurance it only pays you a portion of your pay and even that may be limited by the policy as to how long they will pay.

Redundancy today is another threat to job security. Businesses are looking for ways to make more money with less outlay and whatever is good for the company may mean that your job is on the line.

A job is where you have someone else tell you what to do for 40 hours a week for 40 years if you are lucky and than you are expected to live on 40% of what you couldn’t survive on while you were working. Even if you have Superannuation you are not immune. Most people do not have enough.

So the “study hard and get a good job” scenario that 97% of us believe in is not so hot!

I am certainly not suggesting that you quit your job because it’s not secure and I don’t expect anyone to not look for a job either. What I am urging you to consider is that there are many ways to make money outside of your job in order to make ends meet, take some holidays and even put some away for the future!

Job In Maze Showing Finding Or Searching For Jobs

Find your way OUT of the Job Maze!

Get creative and take a look around and see what you can come up with. We have a few suggestions to choose from that could make you enough to pay your bills and have something left over for whatever. We recommend this as a “plan B” that could become your “plan A” if you choose to grow it.

If you come up with a “plan B” and it becomes your “plan A” then your job security doesn’t matter and you will probably end up firing your boss and sticking with your new “plan A”!

See if you can find the choice for you here.

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