What choice do I have?

Most of us are conditioned to believe that working in a job for someone else is our only choice. We don’t like it but we have no choice. If you would like a choice, or several, continue reading…

873878You could find a business and start working for yourself. This option will most likely have start up costs and investment of many hours to keep employment costs down. Not only that but statistics would have you believe that 90% of businesses don’t last the first 12 months. High cost, high risk and you need to work in you job still until your business makes enough money to support you. Not a good choice if you have no money or time to get started.

The resources available to us these days afford us many opportunities to make money without having to even have an office. In other words, you can run your business from anywhere; the beach, the country, another country… I can hear you asking “how is this possible?”

Have you heard about people who win Lotto and after a few years they are right back where they started financially? Most of us don’t know we are doing it but because of our beliefs about money we tend to have a ceiling on how much we can earn or retain. Our subconscious takes all the things we have been told, and probably don’t even remember, and ‘protects’ us from what we have been taught is evil. “Money is the root of all evil”, “rich people are greedy”, “wealthy people don’t pay taxes” just to quote a few beliefs that keep us poor.

local-clipart-yio6MgpiE6TyXjpxRcDid you know that 100% of the taxes that provide our education, health care and security services (police) comes from entrepreneurs? Not only do they contribute by adding value to their clients at a discount, they also pay corporate taxes and wages to employees who in turn must pay tax. That’s 100% of the taxes paid from entrepreneurs who send their kids to private schools and use private hospitals and live in areas the police are not needed as much (many of which hire private security services). Money is not evil and rich people are not greedy – money only amplifies who you truly are so greedy people can become rich but so can generous people.

Okay, so now that we know that money is a good thing, how are we going to get our hands on it?

Well, the first thing you need to ask yourself is WHY? What will extra money do for you? Pay your mortgage early, send you kids to private school, save up a deposit for a house, pay for piano lessons, get married, take a holiday? What it your vision?


Your vision will inspire you to keep going when things get tough. Visions that involve family and especially children are particularly inspiring. When it feels like you are getting nowhere you just think of you reason why and visualise achieving your goals.

Now all you need is a vehicle to take you to your vision. My first suggestion is explained in the following short video.

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Click for UK Video

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Click for Australia Video

Wow! Someone’s going to make a lot of money… might as well be us yeah?

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