Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque

debttoincomeDoes your money run out before you get paid? Are you working every day just hanging out till payday? Do you have a list of things you want to do but never seem to have the money to start checking them off? Are you working long hours to make ends meet and at the end of the day just making your boss rich?

Are you looking forward to time off but never seem to have any left over money to save for a decent holiday so you end up staying home. Do you find it hard to get time off because the boss can’t manage without you?

Is your job secure? Is your income enough? Do you want more money, time, freedom?

On this site you will find information, tips and strategies that can help you tailor your life to your liking.


  1. Guy

    Hi Cherie. It describes me pretty well. Doing long hours week after week but not richer than you were the month before… if it’s not even more broke!

    What are those tips and strategies you are talking about…
    I want to hear more about it.

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